Ear Bandit Buddies Ear Plugs

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The Floating Putty Buddies Ear Bandit ® really do float! These colourful, soft silicone plugs are larger than most other child-sized silicone plugs to completely fill the outer ear, providing a watertight seal over the ear canal.
With an estimated 20-22 db noise reduction, the soft silicone lets your child hear through the plug well enough that you can get your child’s attention if you need to.The system using an Ear Band It with Putty Buddies Ear Plugs was originally designed by an ear, nose and throat specialist to prevents ear infection for his young patients with ear tubes to help keep the Putty Buddies plugs secure, even during vigorous activity.

Recommended by physicians for prevention of swimmer’s ear or for children with ear tubes.
Softer silicone for a more comfortable fit.
Tacky texture to allow plugs to remain in position better.
Bright colours – appealing to kids, and easy to find in the pool or bath.
Complete with storage case.
Suitable for all ages from new born to adult. (Younger users should be supervised).

Additional Information

Only handle the silicone with clean dry hands. Avoid touching the silicone with oily/dirty hands or bringing them into contact with lotions, oils, hair and other oil-based substances.
Make sure the user’s ear is clean, dry and free from wax/oils prior to placing the ear plugs over the ear canal.
Make sure the plug does not have any cracks or folds prior to placement over the ear canal. If it does, roll the plug between your fingers until the surface is smooth and uniform.
Flatten the plug into a disk, place over the ear canal and pressed gently on the plug in a direction outward from the ear canal to “lock” the silicone into the outer cartilage of the ear.
To remove the ear plug, grab the ear lobe w/ thumb on the back of the earlobe and fingers on the front of the ear lobe. Push/pull up and down several times. This should ensure that the silicone dislodges easily in one uniform piece from the ear without leaving residue behind.
Once removed, store the ear plugs in the plastic container (covered)until further use.
The Putty Buddies ear plugs should be discarded once they become dirty in appearance or if they appear to be cracked or coming apart. This should be 1-2 weeks with daily use if handled with clean dry hands.

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